Simple Tips for School Bus Safety Week

The school year is upon us again. This means that children will be ever-more present on roads and sidewalks across the country. This year, October 17-21 is National School Bus Safety Week. At Trobecs, we are dedicated to the safety of our passengers, drivers, and you year round, but a refresher course in safety is always a good idea.

Safety Tips for Parents and Children

Teach Your Children About Safety

Talk to your children about proper bus loading and unloading procedures:

  • Never cross the street behind the school bus

  • Check for traffic in both directions before crossing the street

  • Cross far enough in front of the bus that the driver can see from their head to their toes

  • Make eye contact with the driver before they cross the street

Walk Your Child To and From the Bus Stop

If your schedule permits, accompany your child to and from the bus stop to ensure they board and depart the school bus safely.

Use the Buddy System

Instruct your older children to look out for their younger siblings and even younger fellow riders. There is strength in numbers and if the older children set a good example when it comes to entering and exiting the bus safely, your child might make a few new friends in the process.

Safety Tips for Drivers and Motorists

Be aware

While driving in residential areas, look around for younger children waiting for siblings or parents waiting outside for their children to get home from school. Be on the lookout for reduced speed limit signs. Many school zones have signs posted indicating lower speed limits while school is starting or ending for the day.

Slow down

When following a school bus, be sure to maintain a safe distance. According to a vehicle traveling at 45 miles per hour will take 196 feet to come to a complete stop; approximately three seconds.


It is illegal for drivers under the age of 18 to use a cell phone while driving, and texting while driving is illegal for everybody. With technology so readily available to us, it is not uncommon to see somebody driving with their cell phone in their hand. To avoid the temptation, place your cell phone in the glove box, leave it in your purse or pocket, or hand it to your passenger for safe keeping.

For more tips and helpful hints regarding school bus safety visit and the Minnesota Department of Public Safety webpage.

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