After receiving a quote kindly contact our office to make your reservation. A representative will assist you with any questions you may have and will book your reservation. At that time, a contract will be written up and emailed/mailed to you. The contract must be signed and returned as soon as possible.  Please make reservations well in advance.


The amounts listed in the quote and/or contract is only an estimate based on current information and fuel costs, and may be subject to change.


Trobec’s agrees to perform the services as stated in your contract, which are contingent upon Trobec’s ability to furnish the equipment and perform the services. Trobec’s reserves the right to lease equipment to perform the services.


The deposit listed in your contract is due at the time of booking, unless otherwise arranged by the parties. Full Payment is due seven (7) days prior to the departure date. Trobec’s may cancel your agreement if Client fails to make payments as agreed. Acceptable methods of payment include cashier checks, credit cards, and personal checks with prior approval. Trobec’s will charge a $30 service fee on all returned checks. No exceptions will be made.  A 2.5% handling charge will be applied to all credit card payments.


If client fails to make timely payment under the agreement, Trobec’s will assess a 5% late fee and client will be responsible for any costs associated with collection, including attorney’s fees, filing fees, etc.


Client may cancel the agreement in writing more than 72 hours before the departure date and receive a refund of any amount paid to Trobec’s. If the client cancels the agreement 72 hours or less before the departure date, then the client forfeits the deposit. Trobec’s reserves the right to cancel this agreement for non-payment or for failing to sign the agreement.


The client agrees to furnish Trobec’s with a detailed itinerary no less than one week prior to the departure date. The itinerary must include all stops, addresses, and phone numbers. The driver is required to strictly adhere to the itinerary, and has no authority to alter the trip schedule contained in the itinerary without prior approval from Trobec’s, unless an emergency situation exists. If the client and Trobec’s agree to change the itinerary, the client will be responsible for any resulting charges that will be considered additional charges The itinerary is subject to Trobec’s review and approval prior to departure or implementation. The Department of Transportation prohibits drivers from being on duty for more than 15 hours per day, 10 hours, which are driving hours. The driver must be given 8 consecutive hours off duty before returning to duty. Trobec’s vehicle(s) will arrive 15 minutes prior to departure time at the location requested by the client.


The client agrees that it, along with any passengers or visitors, will be responsible for all damage to Trobec’s equipment that is beyond normal repairs or cleaning. If additional cleaning or repairs to the equipment are required, the client agrees to be liable for the cost of such cleaning and/or repairs, even if a passenger or visitor caused the damage, and the parties agree that any associated charges will be considered additional charges. The client agrees to pay an additional deposit of $200 per vehicle if the client plans to use alcohol any time during the charter. The client agrees to forfeit the deposit if additional servicing or cleaning is required.


Smoking is prohibited at all times in Trobec’s vehicles.


Trobec’s does not guarantee to arrive or depart from any point at a specific time, but will endeavor to maintain the schedule contained in the itinerary. Trobec’s does not guarantee the assignment of a particular piece of equipment or driver to the client. Trobec’s shall not be responsible for any damages or delays caused by any act of God, public enemies, authority of law, quarantine, riots, strikes, wars, inclement weather, accidents, breakdowns, road construction, or some other reason outside Trobec’s control, and Trobec’s reserves the right to cancel, reroute, delay or otherwise change the itinerary to take into consideration any of these factors, or any other good reason not listed above. The client agrees that Trobec’s will not be liable for any damages caused by any change, cancellation or delay to the schedule in the itinerary, including any special or consequential damages. To the maximum extent permitted by law, the client agrees to limit Trobec’s liability for any damages to the amount charged by Trobec’s for services. The client further agrees that Trobec’s will not be liable for any personal items left in a vehicle.


Individual requests must be made when booking. Requests for handicapped accessible vehicles, trailers, etc., are subject to confirmation and cannot be guaranteed, unless booked prior to 72 hours before departure.


Trobec’s regrets that it cannot provide individual assistance to guests for walking, dining, wheelchair, or other personal needs. An able companion who will assist them must accompany persons needing such assistance. Participants requiring special assistance for other than personal needs must notify Trobec’s in writing to determine what services can be provided. An adult must accompany children traveling at all times.


There is a suggested tip of $2-3 per person, per day to each of your driver(s) and guide(s). This is a standard in any driver/guide situation of any type of ground level travel. It is often given the last day of the trip.

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